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General questions

  • What is Anycast DNS ?

    Anycast DNS is a special DNS service runing on separate Anycast Network. Standard server has only one unique IP inside internet network. In Anycast world, more servers can hold the same IP, and they are spread across all continents. By clicking on google search result or typing domain name in the browser, you create a query which search that IP. Your query will not travel around the world to find a server with requested IP, instead it will go to the nearest server with that IP in Anycast network. This is done by BGP routing protocol and in practice, with Anycast DNS, user will get short time of DNS responses and much faster response of the website.

  • How is your Anycast Network ?

    Our Anycast Network is always growing. Currently we have more than 70 nodes in about 50 countries, covering all continents.

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